Your Top Ten Most Crucial Goals

By Ray Pinard | March 13, 2013

I am pleased to share with you that’s Understanding Investments Journal is publishing my article outlining goal setting for business owners.


When working with clients I am often asked, “where do we start?” Clients, especially new ones, want to start as many projects as possible, leading to project overload. In the end, nothing gets done well, and the management team is overwhelmed with B-level work that does not bring money in the door. Then the owner is upset, and around in a circle we go.

Frequently, clients look for the silver bullet that will be the next big thing to catapult their business to success. After 32 years in the business world, I have seen many breakthroughs, unique value propositions and, with the advent of the Internet, many new ways to conduct business and broaden markets. But I have never seen a silver bullet. The perpetual search for the silver bullet leaves many business owners frustrated.

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