Will Small Business Be Left Out of Tax Reform?

By Ray Pinard | August 23, 2013

Dan Danner, President and CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business, wrote this open letter on the NFIB website:

When examining the current U.S. tax code, two things are clear: It is unnecessarily complex, and it is unfair. Lawmakers now see that a high tax rate coupled with a wide disparity in tax bills between industries creates a tilted playing field. That’s why Congress is considering comprehensive tax reform—addressing both corporate and individual rates in an effort to lower your bill and reduce the complexity of your tax return.

We at NFIB have regularly met with the leading drivers of tax reform, Chairmen Baucus and Camp, to brief them on the needs of small-business owners. As a result of NFIB’s efforts, and your calls to Congress, both chairmen support a comprehensive approach to tax reform that would include all rates and serve to directly benefit small-business owners.

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