The 3 P’s of Manufacturing Success

By Ray Pinard | January 25, 2013

An interesting article from Free Enterprise by David Chavern

A colleague of mine recently said, “If U.S. manufacturing cannot compete in the world, the U.S. cannot compete.”

Manufacturing isn’t just another business sector—it has an outsize impact on our broader economy and influences the environment in which all of us operate. It generates $1.7 trillion in value each year—equivalent to nearly 12% of GDP. About 12 million Americans—or 9% of the workforce—are directly employed in the manufacturing industry. And for every 100 direct jobs, manufacturing supports about 58 indirect jobs. Millions of Americans work in industries that supply, support, or serve manufacturers. The manufacturing sector also drives more innovation than any other industry. U.S. manufacturers are responsible for two-thirds of all private R&D in the country.

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