Taming the Regulatory State

By Ray Pinard | June 7, 2013

An interesting article by Sean Hackbarth, published on the Free Enterprise web site

Over the holiday weekend, The Washington Post  published a must-read op-ed by George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley about the out-of-control Regulatory State (he calls it the “fourth branch of government”) has become dominant in our economy and politics. “In the new regulatory age, presidents and Congress can still change the government’s priorities, but the agencies effectively run the show based on their interpretations and discretion,” he writes.

Congress has yielded its lawmaking authority to regulatory agencies while neglecting to hold them accountable. The agencies have gladly filled the policymaking vacuum:

For much of our nation’s history, the federal government was quite small. In 1790, it had just 1,000 nonmilitary workers. In 1962, there were 2,515,000 federal employees. Today, we have 2,840,000 federal workers in 15 departments, 69 agencies and 383 nonmilitary sub-agencies.

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