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What’s happened to customer service?

I called a medical service provider to set up an appointment, my first visit. The lady making the arrangements dutifully went by the book asking me some basic information and setting up an appointment. She then said “There is some paperwork to fill out and you can do it tomorrow or go to our web… Read More »

Five Steps to greater satisfaction

If you are a business owner, president or CEO, having liberty, freedom and self-determination in your work is vital to your professional and personal happiness. Exercising these principles is also key to handling complex and difficult issues and achieving your goals. If obstacles are getting in your way or you have lost sight of these… Read More »

A Plan for Success

In more recent years, some have strayed from or forgotten the founding principles of our country, and others have felt encumbered by circumstances they see no path around. At Monticello Strategies, we understand that to be happy and successful you must be in full control and free of distractions in order to achieve your goals… Read More »

Your Top Ten Most Crucial Goals

I am pleased to share with you that MoneyBasicsRadio.com’s Understanding Investments Journal is publishing my article outlining goal setting for business owners. ————— When working with clients I am often asked, “where do we start?” Clients, especially new ones, want to start as many projects as possible, leading to project overload. In the end, nothing gets done… Read More »

Can a company director always obtain access to the advice of counsel that was provided to the company?

A guest post from Nixon Peabody’s Commercial Litigation Alert by Stephen M. LaRose, Troy K. Lieberman, and Christopher E. Queenin The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (“SJC” or the “Court”) issued a recent decision that clarifies the circumstances in which members of a board of directors can access the company’s attorney-client privileged communications. In Chambers v. Gold Medal Bakery,… Read More »

How To Create The Mental State That Leads To Peak Performance

An interesting article from the Business Insider Personally and professionally, we often hope for moments of peak performance, periods of time when we’re incredibly productive, effective, and produce the best possible work. According to Susie Cranston and Scott Keller at the McKinsey Quarterly, there are a few tweaks managers and individuals can make to increase these peaks… Read More »

4 Ways To Identify Leaders In Potential Hires

An interesting article that was originally published on OPEN Forum and republished on the Business Insider web site. It costs companies a lot of money to search, hire and train new employees, so you want to make sure you hire the right person the first time. One way to help ensure success when you’re scouting for talent is to look… Read More »

REID HOFFMAN: Here’s When And How A Founder Should Step Down

 An interesting article from the Business Insider web site. The question of when a founder should step aside is a difficult one. The trend used to be that founders stepped aside in favor of more professional management.  This is how they did it at Google, Yahoo, and Cisco. More recently, those examples have been overshadowed by phenomenally successful founder-CEOs, like Jeff Bezos, Steve… Read More »

Google’s Larry Page Talks About His Management Philosophy

An interesting article from Business Insider Google has never behaved like other companies: Its wildly successful search ad business means that it never has to. In an interview with Wired, CEO Larry Page describes an approach that focuses not on competition, but rather on transforming products and services completely. Here are a few of the best bits of advice on how he… Read More »

Four types of executives who use their time badly

An interesting article from Business Insider Top executives are known to, and are often expected to work incredible hours. They wake up incredibly early, stay late, and work weekends. However, a new McKinsey study finds that only 9 percent are very satisfied with how they use that time, about a third are “actively dissatisfied,” and almost half feel… Read More »