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We Can’t Afford to Push Off Entitlement Reform

An interesting article by Sean Hackbarth Earlier this week, the administration said it expected the federal budget deficit would fall to its lowest level in five years. Bloomberg reports: In the budget review, the forecast for a deficit of $759 billion translates to 4.7 percent of the gross domestic product. That compares with a deficit estimate by the… Read More »

Entitlements are Drowning Out Other Investments

Here’s a fascinating article by Sean Hackbarth that was published on FreeEnterprise.com: In the Washington Post, Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler, president and senior vice president respectively of the centrist think tank Third Way,  pen and op-ed about the need for entitlement reform: There is a rising chorus on the left … that our fiscal conversation should be declared over… Read More »

America on Verge of Being ‘Permanently Debt-Bound’

freeenterprise.com published this article by J.R. Reed I think you’ll find interesting. Under existing policies, the federal government debt is expected to increase another 50% over the next decade, according to a study released June 18 by the Heritage Foundation. In just five years since President Obama took office, the federal debt has already doubled. The… Read More »

Position your company for growth

Having your own business is more than just doing what you know how to do; it’s also about the business of running your company. Do you have more debt than you should? Can you answer the following questions? What is your debt equity ratio? Is debt eating up a significant portion of the cash you… Read More »

Ten Things the Latest CBO Report Tells Us About Federal Finances

An interesting article by Charles Blahous, from Mercatus Center at George Mason University Earlier this week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its updated outlook for the federal budget. Here are ten lessons it teaches us about the troubled state of federal finances. Federal debt is projected to grow faster than the economy can sustain. During President Obama’s… Read More »

America, The Next 90 Days

The “fiscal cliff” negotiations were not particularly productive. If anything, the negotiations displayed the extreme polarization of both political parties. Leadership of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress is fractured, and President Obama does not appear interested in negotiating. Another perfect storm is brewing over the national debt limit, funding for the second half of… Read More »


An interesting article from Friends of the US Chamber of Commerce by Phil Izzo Washington’s last-minute deal on the fiscal cliff left many questions unanswered and will trim about 0.7 percentage point from growth in 2013, according to economists in the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey. “Washington punted on the tough issues that sorely… Read More »

Cliff Fix Hits Small Business

I thought you would be interested in the following story from The Wall Street Journal. It’s likely to be a year of painful decision-making for small-business owners like Tom Secor of Norwalk, Ohio, one of hundreds of thousands of Americans who could face a higher tax bill after Washington’s last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal… Read More »

Fiscal Cliff Averted and Tax Provisions Added/Extended

An interesting article from Wealth Management Advisors, LLC, by  Stephen Ahern The following information was provided by the Journal of Accountancy  prepared by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Pulling back from the “fiscal cliff” at the 13th hour, Congress on Tuesday preserved most of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts and extended many other lapsed… Read More »