Access a wealth of expertise

Having served as a business owner, CEO, top executive and business consultant, Raymond Pinard, principal and Chief Freedom Architect of Monticello Strategies, brings a unique perspective to his work with clients across the U.S. He has been in their shoes, sat at their desks and faced similar challenges—as well as counseled and strategized with scores of other high-level executives on how to approach and effectively work through business issues. In advising business leaders, Ray brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a wide range of areas:


  • Business strategy assessments and development
  • Growth strategy development
  • Organizational and change readiness assessments
  • Mergers and acquisitions advising
  • Business valuation expertise
  • Capital funding searches
  • Exit or transition strategy development


  • Executive efficiency and effectiveness assessments
  • Leadership and management coaching and development
  • Senior management and board of director relations
  • Corporate finance expertise
  • Sales, marketing, and e-commerce evaluation
  • Litigation support and advising
  • Family business relations expertise


  • Team evaluations
  • Personality and career assessments

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