More Employers Overhaul Health Benefits

By Ray Pinard | September 12, 2013

First published in the The Wall Street Journal, and republished on the Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce web site, here’s an interesting article by  Anna Wilde Mathews.

This fall, tens of thousands of U.S. workers will learn that they’re getting their health benefits next year in a radical new way: Their employers will give them a fixed sum of money and let them choose their plan from an online marketplace.

The approach, which gained a high profile last year when it was adopted by Sears Holdings Corp. and Darden Restaurants Inc. has the most momentum among small and midsize employers. But interest is growing among companies of all sizes, research shows. Accenture PLC projects that around a million Americans will get employer health coverage through such marketplaces next year, and the number will increase to 40 million by 2018.

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