Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans Because of Obamacare

By Ray Pinard | November 5, 2013

Here’s an interesting article by John McCormack, first published in  The Weekly Standard, and reprinted on the Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website.

While the Affordable Care Act was making its way through Congress in 2009 and 2010, President Obama famously promised the American people over and over again that if you like your health plan, you can keep it.

“Let me be exactly clear about what health care reform means to you,” Obama said at one rally in July 2009. “First of all, if you’ve got health insurance, you like your doctors, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan.  Nobody is talking about taking that away from you.”

But the president’s promise is turning out to be false for millions of Americans who have had their health insurance policies canceled because they don’t meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


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