Live in the positive zone: Cut the cable feed

By Ray Pinard | September 18, 2013

A few months ago my wife and I got so fed up with all the negative news that surrounds us every day that we pulled the plug on the cable TV. How many times do we need to hear about the some celebrity’s drug problem, someone’s trial, corporate scandal, or government this or that? It’s nuts.

We then moved to obtaining our news from the local newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, and several web sites. (About 15 web sites. I’m kind of OCD about news.) We also got real old-fashioned and started listening to regularly scheduled radio programs during evenings and weekends. To fill our visual needs, Netflix and Apple TV fit the bill. My wife and I are both readers and our reading doubled.

Well, the news was no better than what was on TV, but there were two benefits. The news wasn’t repeated every ten minutes and the articles are normally much more in depth than what you get on TV.

Since I was reading so much, I thought I would share what I found to be interesting with a group of people that share my interests. So then I was compiling mostly bad news into an email and sending it out Monday-Friday. This public service became depressing as well and I stopped, much to the disappointment of the recipients.

Plugging back in

A couple of weeks ago we reinstalled the cable feed after my wife chewed me out for spending too much on Apple TV. It has been 30 years since I saw Hill Street Blues, what can I say? Plus, football is starting soon.

I remember when our news feed was relegated to local TV, which consisted of four to five dependable channels, as well as the local newspaper and a few magazines. Now, you can’t stand in line at the grocery store, airport, or the bank without a news feed.

Normally my articles focus on business topics. I’m getting there.

So what happened with the reinstalled cable TV? We tried the news and turned it off. Too much junk, and repeat, repeat, repeat. We are still reading and listening to radio programs while we scan our favorite web sites. I’m sure we will watch the Red Sox as the season heats up to the series championships. Then football.

Now to the business connection

As I meet with business owner-managers, I am observing their keys to success given the lousy economy since 2008.

  • They live in the positive zone. They don’t dwell on the negative.
  • They are thankful for what they have and don’t take anything for granted. Their family, friends and co-workers are all important to their success.
  • They pursue every opportunity like it is the only one on the table. They are tenacious.
  • They take calculated risk. They examine the opportunity, evaluate it, determine the return on investment, build a plan, and execute.
  • They don’t give up; they don’t cave in to the negativity around them.
  • They remained focused. They have goals and they work to achieve these goals by staying highly focused.

Finding the positive

I have always defined luck as being in a position to take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. You’ll never be positioned if you don’t pull the cable feed and rid yourself of the negativity that surrounds us.

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