Entrepreneurs are Crazy—and Right

By Ray Pinard | September 23, 2013

 Here’s an interesting article from the FreeEnterprise.com web site.

What, exactly, is entrepreneurship? In a new book, Worthless, Impossible, and Stupid, Babson Global professor Daniel Isenberg draws on his nearly 30 years of study on entrepreneurs to answer this very question. He finds that they all produce economic value by seeing opportunity where others see impossibilities. They find diamonds in the rough. Entrepreneurship is, as The Economist put it, “contrarian value creation.”

Successful contrarians are marked, according to Isenberg, by self-confidence and determination.  Starting a business means facing down all manner of opposition and criticism. To Isenberg’s list I would also add discernment—knowing when to listen to advice.

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Originally published September 2013. Reprinted by permission, freeenterprise.com, September 2013.
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