Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

By Ray Pinard | April 2, 2013

An interesting article from Free

Greenhouse gas rules. Auto mandates. Food safety requirements. Health care decrees.

Welcome to the new age of the super regulator where unelected bureaucrats churn out about 4,000 regulations a year telling you how to run your business.

Despite the regulatory review that President Obama ordered in January 2011, the administration has aggressively regulated, with small businesses bearing the brunt. The total number of small business regulations are rising under the president, as more than 800 rules directly affecting small firms have been in place each year since 2010 (854 at the end of 2012). Before that, the last time there had been more than 800 small business regulations was in 2003, as a result of the government’s response to 9/11.

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