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The Economics of COVID-19

Dear clients and friends: As we continue to experience the effects of COVID-19, business owners are asking when things will return to normal. The short answer is when we have a vaccine. Everyone has their own risk tolerance level. Some people would go out to crowded bars, restaurants, and sporting events tomorrow if this were… Read More »

In My View

Dear Friends: This blog post is a guest piece written by Mr. Steven Albrecht, President and CEO of Charter Trust Company, Concord, NH. I hope you enjoy his 2014 assessment of the financial markets. Mr. Albrecht can be reached at 603-224-1350, or via email at Best wishes, Ray Pinard ———————– Portfolio Review This is… Read More »

Top Ten Most Crucial Goals

When working with clients I am often asked, “where do we start?” Clients, especially new ones, want to start as many projects as possible, leading to project overload. In the end, nothing gets done well, and the management team is overwhelmed with B-level work that does not bring money in the door. Then the owner… Read More »

New Year, New View for Your Success

The hardy souls who arrived in America in the early years, from the Pilgrims to our Founding Fathers, were entrepreneurs in their own right. They sought freedom in many areas of their lives and wanted liberty and the right of self-determination to make their own choices, free from encumbrances. Our country’s Founding Fathers—and Thomas Jefferson,… Read More »

How to Land Interim Consulting Work During Your Job Search

Our friends at The Center for Independent Consulting  published an interesting article on how to offer your skills on a consulting basis: Finding a good job often takes a long time, but unfortunately your household bills keep coming every month whether you are employed or not. Earning consulting income while looking for a job can… Read More »

Why Working 6 Days A Week Is A Terrible Idea

For many professionals, working on the weekends has become the norm — a way to catch up from the previous week or get a head start on the next.  Here’s an interesting article for the Business Insider website. Will it make you rethink your work schedule as we approach the new year? As Business Insider… Read More »

Flood of Regulations Coming from Obama Administration

Here’s an interesting article by Brian Wingfield, first published in the Insurance Journal, and reprinted on the Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website. Over the next 12 months, the Obama administration is due to issue regulations governing everything from e-cigarettes to smoke-stack emissions in what experts predict will be a second-term rush to put… Read More »

Experience Entrepreneurial Freedom

At Monticello Strategies, our proprietary program, The Entrepreneurial Freedom Program, is based on the principles of our Founding Fathers—liberty, freedom, the right to self-determination and the pursuit of happiness. Numerous clients have engaged our program and achieved a level of personal and professional freedom and happiness that they had not envisioned as being possible. Our principles-based… Read More »

Why Working 6 Days A Week Is A Terrible Idea

Before you start reading this article from Business Insider’s website, let me wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Take some time to enjoy your family and friends.  For many professionals, working on the weekends has become the norm — a way to catch up from the previous week or get a head start on… Read More »

22 Resume Mistakes That Are Way Too Common

Once again, the Business Insider website offers some interesting career advice. You have very little time to impress a recruiter with your resume. So the last thing you want to do is to make an easily avoidable mistake. To find out the worst resume mistakes that are way too common — beyond grammatical errors and typos — we reached… Read More »