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Why Are Minority Interest Positions Discounted?

Last month we discussed several key questions that an owner must consider when awarding or selling a minority interest in their business. Let’s assume you have agreed to move forward. You probably are wondering, “If the fair market value of 5% of my company is valued at $1,000,000, but I am receiving only a fraction… Read More »

Flood of Regulations Coming from Obama Administration

Here’s an interesting article by Brian Wingfield, first published in the Insurance Journal, and reprinted on the Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website. Over the next 12 months, the Obama administration is due to issue regulations governing everything from e-cigarettes to smoke-stack emissions in what experts predict will be a second-term rush to put… Read More »

16 Prestigious Jobs with Surprisingly Low Pay

Here’s an interesting article, from the Business Insider website, that makes you think about career choices. Prestigious work that requires loads of education doesn’t always land you a fat salary. In fact, some of the most highly respected professions out there — ones that take years of schooling and help create essential medical products, towering skyscrapers,… Read More »

Why Credit Card Debt Can Derail Retirement Savings

This from the Business Insider website: Today’s Smart Investor tip comes from Darla Mercado at financial publication InvestmentNews. While most workers consider saving for retirement a simple calculation of plan type, contribution rates, and investment allocation, Mercado says the impact of high consumer debt levels is often overlooked. “Credit card balances and mortgages take a significant bite out… Read More »

Record Numbers Of Elite MBAs Are Ditching Finance For Tech

Here’s an interesting article from the Business Insider website In the aftermath of the financial crisis, finance has lost its luster for many elite MBAs, and a record number of graduates are heading to the white-hot tech sector instead. According to data assembled by The Wall Street Journal, the percentage of graduates who went into finance dropped by 12% from 2011… Read More »