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Monticello Strategies has a high level of expertise in helping business leaders solve the complex problems they face. Employing the principles of liberty, freedom, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness—espoused by Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers—Monticello Strategies helps executives identify and achieve their organization’s goals and their personal goals. For examples of these successful ventures, see our Freedom Stories.

Raymond E. Pinard, Chief Freedom Architect
Monticello Strategies is led by Raymond E. Pinard, principal and Chief Freedom Architect and a longtime participant in The Strategic Coach program. Ray has 30 years of experience in helping business leaders solve challenging business problems. He has developed The Entrepreneurial Freedom Program, a proven process that guides business executives in achieving their goals and overcoming obstacles through a focus on the principles of entrepreneurial freedom.

Ray’s unique talent is swiftly identifying an organization’s key issues, developing creative solutions and strategies, prioritizing opportunities, creating an achievable action plan, and dealing with complex issues. He is also adept at identifying appropriate services and resources that can support high-level executives as they execute their Entrepreneurial Freedom Plan.

Why New Hampshire?
Living in and working from New Hampshire allows Ray to practice what he preaches: having the freedom to enjoy an ideal lifestyle. New Hampshire—with a ”Live Free or Die” state motto and no state income or sales tax—is a great state to conduct business from. The Granite State is often ranked as one of the top five states in which to live and work in the U.S. Lakes, the ocean, mountains, urban areas, entertainment and airports are all within a short drive from Ray’s home and office. He has chosen to make New Hampshire his base because of the many benefits the state offers, including easy access by car or air travel to clients around the U.S.

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