A Clue to the Administration’s Economic Philosophy

By Ray Pinard | July 18, 2013

An interesting article from FreeEnterprise.com

An Administration’s economic philosophies are sometimes crystal clear from the campaign.  Others only become apparent in time.  While some commentators are quick to pigeonhole this White House, in reality the Administration’s governing economic philosophy remains something of an enigma.

For example, we know from past history that this White House favors big deficits, except when it doesn’t. It favors an interventionist government, micromanaging everything from lives to industries, except when it prefers a hands-off approach.  The Administration disparages incentives (think high income tax rates) except when it supports them strongly (green energy incentives) – all elements on a canvass, but no defining theme.  The Mid-Session Review (MSR) released Monday by the White House offers another clue, and perhaps a partial explanation for why unemployment remains doggedly high.

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Originally published July 2013. Reprinted by permission, freeenterprise.com, July 2013.
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