Under ACA, employer mandate could mean fewer jobs

By Ray Pinard | March 4, 2013

An interesting article from Politico.com by Dan Danner and Bruce Josten and Matthew Shay and Dirk Van Dongen

This March marks the third anniversary of the passage of the president’s sweeping health care legislation. But for many in the business community now facing a litany of difficult decisions in the law’s wake, this milestone will be met with capitulation rather than celebration.

With the employer mandate, Obamacare puts the nation’s job creators between a rock and a hard place. Despite the gentle sounding title, the Shared Responsibility provision actually takes the two parties who should be making decisions about employer-sponsored health coverage (the employer and the employee) completely out of the equation. Beginning in 2014, large employers must provide a prescribed level of health care coverage to all full-time employees or potentially pay a hefty penalty. While this may sound relatively straightforward, it is anything but.

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