4 Ways To Identify Leaders In Potential Hires

By Ray Pinard | February 8, 2013

An interesting article that was originally published on OPEN Forum and republished on the Business Insider web site.

It costs companies a lot of money to search, hire and train new employees, so you want to make sure you hire the right person the first time. One way to help ensure success when you’re scouting for talent is to look for applicants who have leadership qualities—even if you’re filling a non-leadership role.

People with leadership qualities are proactive and can integrate into a company more quickly. They can innovate instead of merely administer, and come up with new ideas that will push others in your company to move forward. This person will constantly keep an eye on the horizon and develop new strategies and tactics to achieve goals. He or she will be the first one to know about the latest trends, studies and skill sets.

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