Write your own Freedom Story

Here are a few Monticello Strategies Freedom Stories about businesspeople who harnessed their Entrepreneurial Freedom Plan and achieved happiness.

National Food Manufacturer
The company received an unsolicited offer from an industry buyer and engaged Monticello Strategies. We found that the offer was significantly less than the value of the company. Working with the owners of the company, we developed growth strategies and an exit strategy, which, once implemented, increased the value of the business in 18 months by five times over the initial offer. The business was successfully sold at this higher value. The owners retained a portion of the business, which multiplied in value further over the next several years, and subsequently profited from two more sales transactions. (Three bites at the apple can happen.)

International Privately Held Trucking Firm
This engagement with Monticello Strategies began a few months after the trucking firm emerged from bankruptcy with negative retained earnings and a very poor workout plan. We effectively reworked the plan to gain time and the confidence of vendors. A large part of this engagement involved maintaining peace in the family during this very difficult period. Over time, we sold off non-core businesses, stabilized the core business, and returned it to profitability. After a few years of profitable operations, the business sold to an industry buyer. After many years of difficulty and two bankruptcies, all of the shareholders walked away unencumbered. (And with nice checks.)

Precision Machining Operation Dealing to Fortune 100 Firms
When Monticello Strategies was engaged, the business was focused on serving a shrinking, highly competitive, low-profit market. Working with ownership, we identified the true strengths of the company’s capabilities. We refocused the business on the growing medical instrument market. Profit was increased to 20% pre-tax, and the value of the business increased by 100% in 24 months. After a few years of very profitable operations, the business was sold. (The owner went fishing, professional ocean fishing.)

Regional Distributor of Home Appliances
After 25 years of growing a very successful regional wholesale and retail home appliance business, the owner decided to explore an exit strategy. Monticello Strategies developed an exit plan and worked with the owner and his team in positioning the company. After making great presentations to acquirers, we solicited several offers, selling the business in nine months. The owner retired to Florida. (He is selling performance speedboats in his spare time now.)

Regional Manufacturer of Sheet Metal Products
This 30-year-old company was very profitable, with great cash flow. Working as the company’s chief advisor, Monticello Strategies coordinated the activity of the legal, accounting, and valuation teams, and structured the sale of tranches of the majority owner’s stock to an employee stock ownership trust. The former majority owner now spends eights months a year in Florida. (He plays excellent tennis.)